Canada small cents 1920-29


This decade of modern Canadian cents contains several key dates for the collector of Canadian coins.

1921 1923 1925 1920

The 1922-25 issues have a very low mintage (in the one million coin range). The 1922 cent coin is still available to collectors for a modest sum of $20 for VG grade (and up to $120 for about uncirculated coins).

The 1923 issues, one of the lowest mintages, is a true key date coin and commands a price of about $35 for a VG grade.

1924 is more accessible and starts at around $8 for a VG grade.

1925 is the second key date and is the lowest mintage of just over one million. Starting price for a VG grade about $35.

All old mint-state coins will command premium prices.

The lowly cent is a worthy effort for collectors of Canadian decimal coinage. In 2012, we saw the end of an era as the small cent was discontinued from circulation and is no longer minted by the Canada mint.